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Author: Mike Carey
Artist: Jock
Titan Books
RRP: £8.99, US $9.99
ISBN-13: 978 1 84576 838 6
ISBN-10: 1 84576 838 8
Available 25 April 2008

A group of freshmen at a Midwestern college come back from winter break to find their lives suddenly derailed when their roomate Nick Philo shows up with a problem. His memory is crystal clear, but no one outside of his small circle of friends has any recollection that he actually exists. As the group search for the truth about Nick and themselves, they're led into a complicated game of cat and mouse through the wilds of Northern Minnesota. And in the dead cold of an unforgiving winter's night, there's a lot more at stake than life and death... because one of them may never have been alive in the first place...

Faker collects together the 6-issue miniseries by the Eisner-nominated team of Mike Carey (Lucifer, Crossing Midnight, Devil You Know) and Jock (The Losers).

Amateur extortionist Jessie Kidby, sports scholar Paul Saknussen, Yvonne Latimer (will hack for food), and sexual plaything Marky Sales have almost nothing in common - except that they all share the same house, went to the same insane party and puked up their insides. And the next morning there are holes in their memories that they just can't explain, but fortunately, their friend Nick Philo is there to comfort them all

Memories are strange things. For this group of disaffected, drugged-out college students, they're about to become stranger. Jessie, Marky, 'Sack' and Yvonne - who all have dark secrets they are hiding from one another - soon realise that the fifth friend in their group might not even exist. No one at the college recognises Nick and why is it that the home the five share only has four rooms?

Maybe I've become jaded over the years, having read too many cliched stories, but I was expecting the conclusion to be the over used (especially in horror movies) cliche of the whole story being the dreams of someone who was in the last seconds of dying. Thankfully that's not the case, and the tale Carey weaves is a pretty engaging one.

If you're looking for something a little different then look no further - this is one meaty trip!


Nick Smithson

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