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Graphic Novel Review

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Justice League International
Volume 1 (Hardback)


Authors: Kevin Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis
Artist: Kevin Maguire
Titan Books
RRP: £24.99, US $24.99, Cdn $29.99
ISBN-13: 978 1 84576 787 7
ISBN-10: 1 84576 787 X
Available 25 April 2008

In the wake of a world crisis, a new generation of the World's greatest super-heroes takes centre stage. But it's the most unlikely grouping of heroes you'll ever see. Batman, Blue Beetle, Martian Manhunter, Guy Gardner, Black Canary, Mister Miracle, Dr. Fate, Booster Gold, Doctor Light and the power of SHAZAM! Can this ragtag group work as a functioning unit to stop terrorists at the United Nations, a brigade of Rocket Reds, the Royal Flush Gang, the mysterious Gray Man, and other threats - or will they succumb to in-fighting and bad jokes?...

The first volume in the Justice League International series collects together Justice League issues #1-6 and Justice League International #7 from the late 1980s. While this series has aged quite a bit, the humour helps to ensure that those coming to it fresh will still find plenty here to enjoy.

The world's greatest super-team, the Justice League, are Earth's greatest and last line of defence against all manner of world-threatening villains... assuming they don't wipe each other out first. In the aftermath of a deadly plot by Darkseid, an all-new Justice League forms, but can such a diverse array of personalities work as a team?

The biggest problem I had with the UK version of this release was that the UK RRP is £24.99, while the US price is $24.99. With the current exchange rate, that means that Americans are paying about £12.50 for exactly the same book. And I mean exactly the same. The only difference between the two is that the UK version has a different barcode stuck on top of the American sleeve. Even factoring in the higher postage and packaging costs, and the slight chance you may have to pay a little bit of import tax, buying this from a US retailer is still the cheapest way to own this.

What is an entertaining, if slightly dated, collection is spoiled by the expensive UK retail price.


Nick Smithson

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