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Graphic Novel Review

Book Cover

Portrait of a Bastich


Authors: Keith Giffen and Alan Grant
Artists: Simon Bisley and Christian Grant
Titan Books
RRP: £12.99, US $19.99
ISBN-13: 978 1 84576 889 8
ISBN-10: 1 84576 889 2
Available 25 April 2008

Everyone's favourite intergalactic bounty hunter/cold-blooded killer is back. In this collection Lobo is sent to capture a crotchety old teacher who, along the way, makes life miserable for her captor. Then Lobo must take in the most dangerous being in the universe - and is promptly killed. But heaven doesn't want him and hell can't handle him, so Lobo is reincarnated - as a woman with big guns and a very bad attitude...

Portrait of a Bastich collects the original four-issue Lobo miniseries along with the Lobo's Back follow-up miniseries that helped make the Last Czarnian a legend.

While some call him "The Last Czarnian". He calls himself "Th' Main Man". His targets call him "Aaarghnogetoffmeaargh!" His name is Lobo, and he's a bounty hunter - and a mean fraggin' bastich!

Sit back and enjoy the long-out-of-print, blood-splattered adventures of the toughest sonnovabastich in the galaxy. Thrill as Lobo picks the ultimate bar-fight. Gawp as he faces the Orthography commandos. And retch when he stops for a brief vacation.

Simon Bisley's (Slaine: The Horned King, ABC Warriors) twisted artwork is perfect for the subject matter - you really can't imagine anyone else illustrating this character. Having said that, Christian Grant turns in a few pages of art too and has an equally twisted view of Lobo's universe, In amongst the strips are the odd page of spoof interviews, text based tales and school reports.

There are giggles and guffaws aplenty in this totally crazy collection which took me back to a period in my life when UK comics (well 2000AD at any rate) were king. This is a very much a product of UK humour, so it's surprising that the character was created, and flourished, for a US audience.


Nick Smithson

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