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Author: Christos Gage
Artists: Talent Caldwell, Leandro Fernandez and others
Titan Books
RRP: £11.99, US $17.99
ISBN: 978 1 84576 749 5
Available 23 May 2008

When a group of super-humans brought about the end of the world, no one in the WildStorm Universe was prepared. Now, the Earth is a broken and volatile wasteland, humanity decimated to the brink of extinction, and super-powered beings feared and hated. After the apocalypse, one person attempts to change this future. The Wildcats' Void returns to her past and begins transporting individual characters form the core WildStorm Universe teams - Authority, Wildcats, StormWatch, Gen 13, Tranquility, and Wetworks - to her bleak, tragic future. Will the finest minds and hearts in the WSU learn the lessons in time to save themselves... and all of humanity...?

Wildstorm: Armageddon collects the 6-issue Armageddon story that was originally printed across six different comic books - Midnighter, Tranquility, Stormwatch: PHD, Gen13, Wetworks and Wildcats.

A grim future for humankind is in the offing - but can anyone prevent it? Former WildC.A.T.s member Void, a teleporting alien intellect, begins appearing to the superheroes of the WildStorm universe, including the Authority's Midnighter, Gen 13, the folks in Tranquility, Colonel Dane Jackson of Wetworks, and John Doran of Stormwatch: Post-Human Division. For each, she brings a terrible vision of a world fallen to evil and barbarity. But can any of these powerful heroes do anything to stop it?

As this collection was originally split across a number of different comic book series, it's easy to be sceptical and see it as means to ensure as many readers as possible commit themselves to collecting six different comic book series. However, spreading the action between this number of super heroes is the only real way to ensure that jeopardy is built into the story. While the reader always know that the good guys will win through in the end - the real surprise is in who does what to whom in order to further the events.

Christos Gage weaves an interesting plot here, one that will hook you until the final pages.


Pete Boomer

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