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Volume 2


Author: Norihiro Yagi
Artist: Norihiro Yagi
Titan Books
RRP: £5.99, US $7.99
ISBN-13: 978 1 4215 0619 7
ISBN-10: 1 4215 0619 X
Ages: T+ (For older teens)
Available 02 June 2008

In a fictional medieval world the Claymores, augmented humans, wield the swords that give them their name against the Yoma. The Yoma are demons which can assume human form, and if they consume your brains can also take on a humans persona. Clare is a Claymore who moves from place to place fighting the Yoma, for a fee. Now she travels with Raki a human child who lost his parents to the Yoma, just like Clare...

Claymore: Volume Two: Darkness in Paradise continues the manga by Norihiro Yagi (Angel Densetsu, Undeadman).

Unlike Volume One, this second volume looks like Yagi had more time to spend on both the artwork and the storyline. Clare’s origins remain an enigma as does the general background to the conflict between the Yoma and the humans. So far no explanation is given for the Yoma’s existence, except that they have always co-existed with the humans - feeding off them.

In Volume Two, Clare and Raki are sent on a covert mission to the holy city of Rabona. As a holy city the law prevents Clare, as a half demon, from entering. She must leave her most potent weapon, her claymore broadsword, behind and she and Raki must pose as brother and sister selling antiques. To further inhibit her mission she is given pills, which disguise her distinctive silver eyes, but also remove her ability to sense the presence of a Yoma.

The nice thing about the book is that, with the extra time given over to the narrative, Yagi is able to explore not only Clare and Raki’s growing relationship, he is devoted to her while she remains reserved, but also explore the prejudice that the majority of the humans have for the half human Claymores. Rather than welcoming the creatures which have given up their humanity to fight on behalf of man, Clare is treated little better than the Yoma she hunts.

Word of warning, although the book chronicles a single story, that story does not conclude in Volume Two. So if your going to buy it make sure to pick up a copy of Volume Three.

By spending more time on the art and story, Volume Two has improved on the distinctly average first book. Hopefully this trend will continue and the series will develop into something special.


Charles Packer

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