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Reservoir Chronicle
Volume 11


Author: Clamp
Artist: Clamp
RRP: £6.99, US $10.95
ISBN: 978 0 099 50497 9
Ages: 13+
Available 05 June 2008

Sakura, and her group continue to travel to parallel worlds in search of the feathers, which represent her memories. With the help, and sometimes hindrance, of the time and space witch the group have travelled this time to Piffle to take part in an aerial race in the hope of winning the grand prize, one of Sakura’s missing feathers...

Volume Eleven of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Riding on the Wings of a Dragonfly continues the story started in Volume Ten.

This looks to be another extended story as it fails to conclude by the close of the book. Including the last and the present story Clamp have taken the time to firm up the character of Princess Sakura, who with the fun and danger of participating in the Dragonfly Race is becoming a much more ballsy character.

The lengthy story sees our heroes engaging in the preliminary rounds of flying, though Princess Tomoyo’s interference with the race to ensure that Sukura is in the finals has not gone unnoticed by the reader, but at this time it is unclear whether this is for good or evil.

New characters are introduced, mostly to deal with the race fixing, but they are not used well as the book, for much of the time, ignores the mystery behind the race fixing to concentrate on Sakara’s attempts to win the preliminaries and their interactions with Tomoyo.

The artwork remains good, though the endless concentration on the race rather than the mystery makes the book drag a little. Like the other books in the series you get the honorifics explained, a couple of pages of translation notes, but no freebie story this time.


Charles Packer

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