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Graphic Novel Review

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52 Aftermath
The Four Horsemen


Author: Keith Giffen
Artists: Pat Olliffe and John Stanisci
Titan Books
RRP: £9.99, US $19.99
ISBN: 978 1 84576 851 5
Available 27 June 2008

Created by a cadre of twisted scientists, the Four Horsemen of Apokolips are creatures of ultimate destructive power. Let loose upon the world, these monsters drove the demigod Black Adam mad when they killed his family. Black Adam took his revenge and destroyed the Horsemen. Or so he thought. Now, in the ruins of a ravaged nation, an evil presence grows...

52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen collects the 6-issue miniseries of the same name. This collection features the Four Horsemen - War, Pestilence, Famine, Death - living embodiments of the Dread Ages of the distant world of Apokolips, who mean to remake the Earth in their own image.

Created to attack Black Adam and his family, the Four Horsemen were robots designed by the mad scientists of Oolong Island, using the dread technology of Apokolips. Believed destroyed in Black Adam's murderous rampage which claimed the lives of thousands, the four horsemen have in fact survived - and aim to wipe out all life on Earth. Even the combined might of the world's toughest heroes - Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman - may not be enough to stop the living embodiments of humanity's greatest nightmares.

But it looks like help is about to come from an unusual quarter - one of the very scientists responsible for unleashing the Horsemen upon the Earth in the first place - or will it be too late?

While Keith Giffen's script is pretty engaging, it's Pat Olliffe and John Stanisci's art work that really make this collection stand out as an essential purchase for super hero fans.

Fans of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman will be in their element with this collection.


Pete Boomer

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