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Graphic Novel Review

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Green Lantern
No Fear


Author: Geoff Johns
Artists: Carlos Pacheco, Ethan Van Sciver, Darwyn Cook and Simone Bianchi
Titan Books
RRP: £699.99, US $12.99
ISBN: 978 1 84576 204 9
Available 27 June 2008

Hal Jordan has been resurrected and redeemed. Now it's time to get on with his life as Green Lantern, protector of space sector 2814. But even as he returns to the skies as an Air Force pilot, Jordan faces new threats from his old foes. The deadly Manhunter androids and the mutated Shark return with shocking violence... yet they are just precursors to even greater dangers. A maddened Black Hand embarks on a murderous rampage just as the Lantern finds himself the object of an alien race's insidious plan to harvest humans as living weapons of war. Hal Jordan is back - but being tested in ways he never could have imagined...

No Fear collects together Green Lantern issues #1-6, as well as Green Lantern Secret Files #1 all of which were first published in 2006.

When daredevil test pilot Hal Jordan discovered a crashed spacecraft, he was astonished when its pilot told him he must become a "Green Lantern", one of a group of guardians defending the universe.

Over the years, Jordan has been a great hero, a terrifying villain (when he lost his mind, briefly becoming the godlike Parallax) and even the living embodiment of God's wrath - the Spectre. But times have changed... and Hal Jordan is back.

Whether you are a die-hard Green Lantern fan, or new to his adventures, No Fear represents great value for money.


Nick Smithson

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