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Jeff Hawke
The Ambassadors (Hardback)


Authors: Sydney Jordan, Willie Patterson and Harry Harrison
Artists: Sydney Jordan, Nick Faure, Paul Neary and others
Titan Books
RRP: £16.99, US $19.95, Cdn $22.95
ISBN-13: 978 1 84576 598 9
ISBN-10: 1 84576 598 2
Available 25 July 2008

Originally published in the UK newspaper the Daily Express, the adventures of Jeff Hawke - explorer, thinker and frequently, ambassador for the human race - were a huge success, running for over twenty years. With artwork by Sydney Jordan and scripts by Willie Patterson, the stories in this collection represent the strip's golden age and are presented in library editions for the first time...

In The Ambassadors, Jeff Hawke must save history from a would-be meddler in Pastmaster; deal with mysterious artefacts in The Immortal Toys; protect The Ambassadors from ignorant Earthmen; not shrink from duty in The Gamesman; and face the might of atomic power in A Test Case. This edition also features story introductions by and an interview with Jeff Hawke's co-creator, Sydney Jordan.

This collection follows hot on the heels of the release of Overlord. And while the stories have obviously aged, they still stand the test of time

Jeff Hawke’s not your average space-hero; focused on reasoning, diplomacy and moral virtues instead of brute force, he is frequently forced to be the ambassador - rather than the saviour - of mankind. His universe is populated with alien species that meet humankind by accident or for commerce, but hardly ever for invasion.

This is certainly a collection that's worth checking out if you are a fan of older strips.


Pete Boomer

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