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Vampire Knight
Volume 2


Author: Matsuri Hino
Artist: Matsuri Hino
Viz Media
RRP: £5.99, US $8.99
ISBN-13: 978 1 4215 1130 6
ISBN-10: 1 4215 1130 4
Ages: T+ (For older teens)
Available 01 September 2008

Yuki is the adopted daughter of the headmaster of Cross Academy, having been rescued ten years before, from a vampire attack, by Kaname Kuran. Now she hold the prestigious post of being one of the Guardians for the school who try to keep the day students away from the night students as they are unaware that the Night Class is made up completely of vampires...

Vampire Knight is a manga written by Matsuri Hino. As is the way with mangas, the book has also spawned an anime series and two drama CDs. The story originally appeared in 2005 in LaLa Magazine.

I would be lying if I said that I had been impressed with volume one. The book appeared to consist of clichés regarding vampires and the central heroine did not come across as a credible character. Sad to say the situation with Yuki remains much the same in this volume. The school set up appeared to be designed so that the females, which made up the Day Class, would spend all their time mooning over the ever so pretty Night Class vampires.

To be honest not a lot changes with volume two. There is the introduction of a new character, Yagari Toga, and the tone of the book has made some moves away from the simpering banality, which made up much of the first volume. With this element gone the book has a much darker feel to it, which is in keeping with its subject matter.

That said, it still has a way to go before it is anything other than a book for young teenage girls.


Charles Packer

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