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Graphic Novel Review

Book Cover

Volume 2 (Hardback)


Authors: Joe Kelly, Steven T. Seagle and others
Artists: Michael Gaydos, Tom Grummett and others
Titan Books
RRP: £19.99, US $29.99
ISBN: 978 184856 109 0
Available 19 December 2008

Across the world, ordinary people discover they have extraordinary abilities. Why have they been granted these powers? And who wants to use them for their own ends? This second collection of comic book stories explores the history and mythology of the heroes both old and new. Written by some of comics' top writers including Joe Kelly (Superman) and Steven T. Seagle (It's a Bird), and featuring interior art by superstars, including Michael Gaydos (Mighty Avengers) and Tom Grummett (Animal Man), plus a cover by Alex Ross (Justice), this is the ultimate companion to the second season of the TV series...

Heroes: Volume 2 collects the online comics based on the TV series Heroes. To be honest this would have been better received if it had been released as Season Two of the show was either released on DVD or on terrestrial TV. Coming out this late in the day makes it feel a little behind the times.

While this is a fairly entertaining collection of short stories there is nothing, and I do mean nothing, much here to get excited about. In fact, the only stand out tale I can think of is the story in which we see that Noah Bennet also once harboured a super power and how he lost it. Everything else just feels like filler material.

Obviously die-hard Heroes fans will lap this up. However, those that enjoy the show but don't just love everything because it has the Heroes label stamped on it may come away feeling a little disappointed.

An interesting enough collection, but I'd probably wait until the cheaper paperback is released.


Nick Smithson

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