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DVD Review

Elemental Gelade
Volume 6


Starring (voice): Akira Ishida, Mikako Takahashi, Nana Mizuki, Naoko Suzuki and Yuji Ueda
RRP: £15.99
Certificate: 12
Available 03 March 2008

Coud Van Giruet is a sky pirate of the wind who together with Reverie Metherlence (Ren), one of the Shichiko-hoju, and Edel Raid, who in conjunction with a human being can become the ultimate fighting machine, are coming to the end of their search for Rens homeland and people. Together after their separation and having survived the murderous intentions of Viro the two have grown closer together, but can they now finish what they started and get Ren back to the Edel Garden, especially now that the Arc Aile are planning to attack the Edel Garden, but not if the Chaos Choir can stop them...

So with the release of Volume Six of Elemental Gelade we come to the end of the story with episodes twenty-two to twenty-six. As usual you get a great value, five episode, package.

Episode twenty-two, The Buried Legend, and its all kicking off with the Aile on one side trying to attack the Edel Garden and the Chaos Choir trying to stop them. Of course, for anyone following this show, things are even more complicated than that. The Chaos Choir reveals that in fact they are part of the Edel Garden and intend to kill Cou in order to make Ren their queen. This episode is really a preamble to the main event showing that both the Chaos Choir and the humans feel that they have truth and right on their side, isn’t that always the way in war. When all seems lost Cisqua discovers an ancient prophecy stating that two will come whose song will reunite the Edel and the humans - cue Ren and Cou singing: "You’re the one that I Want"... Well, possibly not.

Episode Twenty-three, The Promise, and with war imminent and an all out assault on the Edel Garden underway, Cou, Ren, Rowen and Kuea try to get to Edel Gardens while Cisqua returns to Arc Aile to persuade her superiors to call off their war, with proof of the prophecy. But things do not go as planned when Ren surrenders herself to the Edel. Being the hero type, Cou is not going to take this sitting down and determines to go after Ren.

Episode Twenty-four: Edel Garden. With the help of his friends Cou finally arrives at the Edel Garden. Cisqua, meanwhile, is dispatched by the humans to seek a truce, well they were getting their butt kicked, though it seems that the sky pirates still have a part to play in the war's outcome.

Episode Twenty-five: Chaos Choir. Ren is in the clutches of the Chaos Choir, who intend to use her power to destroy humanity, and Cou is seemingly dead, but lets face it there’s still another episode to go, so that’s not going to happen. Rowen, Cisqau and Keau try to complete the seemingly impossible mission. Cou’s rescue comes from an unexpected quarter, leaving the path open for the final confrontation.

Episode Twenty-six: The Song for the Sky and Tomorrow. Can Cou’s feelings for Ren break through the control that the Edel have over her and end the war for good, uniting both Edel and human, well what do you think? Let battle commence...

As per usual audio options are stereo English or Japanese with optional subtitles. Diverting from the usual you get a trailer for the PS2 game based on the show. The game looks like it captures the look and feel of the show very well, though what it's like to play is anyone’s guess. You also get the same for the Game Boy Advanced. To round the proceedings off you get a bunch of trailers and the inevitable DVD credits, and yes I’ve said it before: DVD credits are not an extra.

Now that the show has ended it can be seen as an above average series, with a nice blend of action, comedy and characters and at five episodes a disc it’s a very cost effective show to collect.


Charles Packer

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