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DVD Review

Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror


Starring: Snoop Dogg
DNC Entertainment
RRP: £15.99
Certificate: 18
Available 21 April 2008

Through a number of animated links, rap singer Snoop Dogg offers us three short tales of horror.

In the first, a talented street artist is abducted and tattooed on one arm in an occult ritual, before being released back into the neighbourhood with the ability to clean the streets of graffiti vandals. Each tag she crosses out with spray paint causes the perpetrator to meet their death in gristly fashion. But when she makes the same mistake of tagging a wall, she inevitably receives a taste of her own medicine...

The second tale has a greedy son of a colonel left a property in a will. Five ex-Vietnam veterans - friends of the colonel - are in residence, and a condition of the legacy stipulates the son must live with them for a year to learn honour and integrity. So begins his scheme to get them out... But the ex-soldiers can only be pushed so far.

In the final story, two rappers join forces to make music, and are hugely successful. However, whereas one is friendly and sharing, the other is greedy and selfish. When the first is shot to death in an opportunist robbery, it is left ambiguous as to whether the conceit of the survivor led him to arrange the incident. Then a female stranger arrives, bringing vengeance from the grave.

This is another classic example of 'Joe Soap' saying "I can make a horror movie..." Er, no. I would suggest that if Mr Dogg is planning another attempt on the horror genre, he learn his trade first. This movie simply goes through the motions, and fails to raise your interest above semi-comatose boredom.

This film really doesn't deserve much review time so, suffice to say, the disc's trailers for other films were a lot more exciting.


Ty Power

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