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DVD Review

Trinity Blood
Chapter 6


Starring (voice): Hiroki Touchi, Mamiko Noto, Junichi Suwabe and Junko Minagawa
RRP: £15.99
Certificate: 15
Available 19 May 2008

The Vatican falls victim to political unrest between humans and vampires in the city of Albion, and the Order of Rosen Kreuz seeks to fan the flames to encompass the world. Allies and enemies alike seek salvation. The meek must stand forth, and not even the dead are to be allowed their final rest. This is the beginning of a new age for the whole world...

Based on a series of novels by the late Sunao Yoshida, which were subsequently transformed into manga adaptations, the neo-Gothic sci-fi adventure Trinity Blood is a 24-episode anime series recounting an epic battle between good and evil as bloodsucking vampires fight tooth and claw against emissaries of the Church with the earth as the prize.

And so, sadly, we come to the conclusion of Trinity Blood. Volume Six contains episodes 21 to 24:

The Throne Of Roses: Part II - The Refuge: With the Pope still missing, Father Abel, Father Leon, Father Wordsworth, Brother Petros, and Sister Paula are not far from discovering him and his apparent kidnappers. The Pope soon realises that the people living underground are merely victims themselves. But will he have time to tell his men this before they lay waste to them?

The Throne Of Roses: Part III - Lord Of Abyss: Brother Petros and Sister Paula finally track down the Pope. They prepare to attack the enemy, but the Pope begs them to stop. Meanwhile, Abel is in the middle of a confrontation with Dietrich, when an unknown figure smashes his way into the building, killing everyone who stands in his way. He doesn't stop until he comes face to face with Abel and the two prepare for a fight to the death.

The Crown Of Thorns: Part I - The City In The Mist: The battle from the previous episode has ended with a death of one of the two men. Meanwhile, Esther is to be crowned princess, after it is revealed that she is heir to the throne of Ablion. But, when a mysterious space craft appears over London, it seems that all of the Vatican's weapons are useless, and they are powerless to stop whoever is on board.

The Crown Of Thorns: Part II - The Lord Of Oath: The attack on Albion continues, everything looks bleak for the Vatican. With one final plan, and one final push, the good guys go for broke. They have one slim chance to save the world... but are they already too late?

Extras are as we've come to expect. All we get are an Art Gallery of stills; Textless Opening Titles; Textless Closing Titles and Trailers for other releases.

This volume wraps up the series wonderfully. A fantastic conclusion to one of the best anime series of recent years.


Nick Smithson

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