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DVD Review

Volume 3


Starring (voice): Mamiko Noto, Akemi Kanda, Masaya Matsukaze, Mie Sonozaki, Akemi Kanda and Rikiya Koyama
RRP: £15.99
Certificate: 15
Available 09 June 2008

Shocking revelations threaten to undo Masane and every soul that surrounds her in this desperate age of fear and lust. The horrible X-Cons prove unthinkable abominations, and even Reina begins to question the blind passions of the past. Masane's own relationship with Rihoko grows shakier with each gasp of air into her new warrior lungs...

Adapted from the hit Top Cow comic book series, that inspired the live-action TV show starring Yancy Butler, the animated Witchblade series relocates the action from present day New York to a near-future Tokyo, where a new bearer has been chosen to wield the awesome power of the Witchblade.

An ancient, supernatural, sentient weapon of unparalleled destructive force that also holds a seemingly limitless potential for protecting its bearer, the Witchblade has been coveted and sought throughout history by countless men eager to control it. But for reasons unknown, this fearsome artefact can only be bestowed upon a woman, chosen by the blade itself and one whose fate will forever be scarred by the burden of its power.

Volume 3 of Witchblade contains episodes 9-12:

Sadness: A woman is killed by an X-Con. However, the X-Con appears to show true remorse when he realises what he's done. Masane and Tozawa interview witnesses of the attack as they try and track down the X-Con. But, while they are out, the X-Con happens across Rihoko. The two start chatting and become friends - with the X-Con revealing his dreams to buy a house so that he can live with his girlfriend. When Masane finally tracks down the X-Con, to her surprise, he begs her to kill him.

Interaction: Masane goes to see Takayama to ask him to reveal the truth about the X-Cons - she wants to know if they are human? Takayama tells her what she wants to know and then, as part of her job, forces her to accompany him to a posh party. While at the party Masane breaks an important plaque, but Takayama takes the blame. He then has to engage his old rival, Wadou, in a drinking competition. The winner is the last one to pass out.

Danger: The next generation of Cloneblades is progressing. One of the most promising subjects is Maria, a spoilt young woman who doesn't know her own strength. In another part of town Takayama awakens from his drunken state to find that he's at Masane's flat. Meanwhile, Rihoko collapses whilst shopping, and Masane is kidnapped.

Prisoner: Tozawa goes undercover in order to try and rescue Masane. The Child Welfare also have a shock for Masane and Rihoko - one that could tear them apart forever.

Extras include The Witchblade Forged - Part 1 (16 min, 53 sec first part of series od featurettes that examines the history of Image Comics, Top Cow and Witchblade); Japanese Cast Interview - Voice of Reiji Takayama (8 min, 10 sec interview with Rikiya Koyama); Textless Songs; and Trailers. Audio options are English 5.1 or Japanese 2.0 (with optional English subtitles).

Another four episodes of quality anime await fans of this series. Stop reading... go buy.


Nick Smithson

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