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Stargate: Atlantis
Volume 20 (Season 4 - Vol 5)


Starring: Joe Flanigan, Amanda Tapping, Rachel Luttrell, Jason Momoa and David Hewlett
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
RRP: £19.99
Certificate: 12
Available 28 July 2008

Teal'c's attempts to calm Ronon in preparation for a critical IOA interview don't go as planned. But far more threatening than Ronon's temper is a Wraith plan to attack the Midway station...

Midway sees Teal'c arrive on Atlantis in a bid to prepare Ronon for his IOA interview. However, Ronon seems to have anger issues which threaten to have him kicked of the Atlantis team. As the two head to earth, via Midway station, they are caught up in a Wraith attack.

While this is an interesting episode, this is mainly down to the Ronon/Teal'c relationship. Doctor Lee and Doctor Kavanagh also appear as part of the team manning Midway.

This is the only episode of season four to not feature an audio commentary.



As Teyla and Sheppard search for signs that Kanaan is still alive, a mysterious illness is traced to a human-engineered protein found in the Wraith's food supply...

The Kindred sees Connor Trinneer reprise the role of Michael as we learn why Teyla's people have been taken. I was also genuinely surprised by the ending to this two-parter. While I knew that a certain character would be making an appearance this season, I wasn't sure when they would be popping up.

Joseph Mallozzi (executive producer / writer) and Peter F. Woeste (director) provide this episode's audio commentary. Highlights include the fact that fan's are always asking where are the Ancient bathroom facilities on the station - a point that will be tackled in season five when we will see McKay in an Ancient bath. Apparently you need the Ancient gene to flush the toilets on the station; the pair asking why Sheppard is always wearing armbands; some amusing stories about what Christopher Judge is scared of; and what is really written on the plexiglas on the Daedalus.



A friend once believed dead returns to Atlantis. Meanwhile, Teyla, now captive herself, plots an escape for fellow Athosians who are interned at a secret facility...

The Kindred - Part 2 doesn't conclude the Teyla story line - leaving it hanging in the wind to be concluded in the next season. The reasons for this are pretty obvious as the actress, Rachel Luttrell, had left the show at this point to have a baby. However, it does wrap up quite a few loose plot points.

This episode also has one of the most moving conclusion I've seen on an Atlantis episode.

Alan McCullough (producer / writer) and Martin Wood (director / supervising producer) provide the audio commentary. Highlights include the pair asking why Atlantis has PA systems when everyone wears those tiny headsets; and the fact that Joe Flanigan's sons make appearances in this episode.



Unable to locate Teyla, Sheppard heads back to Atlantis, only to discover that the city is suddenly missing something - its inhabitants...

The Last Man is a Sheppard and McKay episode. It sees Sheppard trapped in the future with no way of getting back to the Atlantis he left. His only hope is that a holographic McKay can help him. But, as the hologram was only programmed with a finite number of scenarios that would help Sheppard, the fact that he McKay hadn't counted for the fact that most of Atlantis would have been consumed by sand is not promising.

I did find the conclusion to be a little dull. It was almost as though the writers hadn't thought the cliff-hanger ending through until the last minute and then said: "I know..." It's not that it's that bad, just not your usual "Oh, my god!" season ender.

Paul Mullie (executive producer / writer) and Martin Wood (supervising producer / director) provide the audio commentary. Highlights include the fact that cornmeal was used for the sandstorm scenes; and the picture in Lorne's room is the same one he was painting in an earlier episode.



Extras include the above mentioned audio commentaries (only three on this disc for some reason instead of the usual four); A Look Back on Season 4 (11 min, 56 sec look back over this season); Deleted Scenes (24 min, 24 sec featurette that features some of the cut scenes from this season with explanations from the crew on why each scene was lost from the final edit); and Photo and Design galleries.

Pete Boomer

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