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Burst Angel


Starring (voice): Akeno Watanabe and Megumi Toyoguchi
RRP: £15.99
Certificate: 15
Available 11 August 2008

Despite vowing never to walk the streets of New York again, Meg and Jo have taken time out from fighting crime in Tokyo and returned to the city where they first met to celebrate the birthday of their young friend Shirley, one of the orphans they used to hang out with before their relocation to Japan. But their joyous mood is soon shattered by the news that Shirley has recently become the latest victim of a psychopathic freak conducting a bloody killing spree in and around one of the city's less affluent neighbourhoods...

The world's sexiest gun-slinging heroines, Jo and Meg, are back in this special Burst Angel OVA. In reality though, what we get is a 25 minute special which features Jo and Meg. None of the TV show's humour makes its way onto this OVA, which takes itself a little too seriously (mind you, some of the original anime episodes did too).

With their young friend Shirley still fighting for her life in intensive care, and with little co-operation from the local police force, the duo set about hunting down the cowardly killer who preys on those weaker than himself. Their investigations unfortunately lead to Meg becoming the maniac's next target when it is revealed that the murders are being committed by a cyborg controlled by a crazed snuff movie addict who likes to film the killings.

Never one to tolerate any kind of bully, particularly a homicidal one, Jo, as ever, is determined to exact her own brand of vengeance. The difference this time is it's very, very personal.

Extras include: The Light And Darkness Of Jo (23 min, 22 sec reworking of the TV episode Wild Kids with additional scenes from other episodes. To be honest it worked much better in the original cut); Battle Record for all 24 episodes (1 hour, 24 min, 07 sec look at every major battle sequence from the TV series); Previews of the TV series (5 min, 45 sec worth of the Japanese teasers for the next episode, which were always placed after the credits on the TV series); Previews of the OVA (2 min, 08 sec Japanese teaser for this OVA); Ugetsu Haku (Character Designer) Special (2 min, 49 sec worth of random clips set to the main theme from the TV series) and trailers for other shows.

Audio options are English and Japanese (with optional subtitles) 5.1.

Fans will be forgiven for questioning why they should pay £16 for a 25 minute OVA and a lot of extra material that, in essence, they already own.


Pete Boomer

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