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Volume 5


Starring (voice): Mamiko Noto, Akemi Kanda, Masaya Matsukaze, Mie Sonozaki, Akemi Kanda and Rikiya Koyama
RRP: £15.99
Certificate: 15
Available 06 October 2008

As a member of Douji Industries plans to overthrow the current administration come to fruition, Masane decides to make up for being a poor mother by spoiling Rihoko. And, as a new threat to the Witchblade project enters the market, Masane comes to the realisation that she is not indestructible after all...

Adapted from the hit Top Cow comic book series, that inspired the live-action TV show starring Yancy Butler, the animated Witchblade series relocates the action from present day New York to a near-future Tokyo, where a new bearer has been chosen to wield the awesome power of the Witchblade.

An ancient, supernatural, sentient weapon of unparalleled destructive force that also holds a seemingly limitless potential for protecting its bearer, the Witchblade has been coveted and sought throughout history by countless men eager to control it. But for reasons unknown, this fearsome artefact can only be bestowed upon a woman, chosen by the blade itself and one whose fate will forever be scarred by the burden of its power.

Volume 5 of Witchblade contains episodes 17-20:

Confusion: Masane, concerned that Rihoko may be the next successor of the Witchblade, realises that she's not been a proper mother to her daughter. And, when Rihoko finds out about Masane's powers, Masane decides to make up for lost time. Meanwhile Wado moves forward with his master plan to replace Takayama at Douji Industries by unveiling the Ultimateblade, a blade that has been specially designed to be wielded by a man.

Turn: Takayama resigns as the police prepare to raid Douji Industries. Someone has leaked surveillance footage to the news channels that indicate that Douji Industries employees could be behind the recent spate of murders.

Feelings: Wado takes over Takayama's position at Douji. At first Masane goes back to work under Wado, but when she goes to visit Takayama, Wado sends an Ultimateblade to attack them both. During the ensuing battle the Witchblade shows signs of malfunctioning. Meanwhile Maria kills her grandfather, Furumizu.

Request: Maria takes over from her grandfather. Takayama takes Rihoko out for the day in order for the two of them to get to know each other better. But when an assassin follows them Masane comes to the rescue. She transforms into the Witchblade in front of her daughter and then, after the battle, collapses as the Witchblade again seems to be breaking apart.

Extras include The Witchblade Forged - Part III (19 min, 51 sec featurette that interviews Top Cow employees on the transition of the Witchblade franchise to manga and anime); Japanese Cast Interview - Voice of Hiroki Segawa (8 min, 30 sec interview with Japanese voice actor Kenichi Suzumara); Japanese Cast Interview - Voice of Tatsuoki Furumizo (7 min, 44 sec interview with Japanese voice actor Shinji Ogawa); Textless Opening and Closing Titles; and Trailers for other releases.

The Japanese Cast Interviews are quite interesting and I found the slightly pervy questions, that they are now asking at the end of the interviews for the next actor, to be quite comical.

Volume 5 in this collection represents another great mix of episodes which will be most welcomed by fans of the series. Another fantastic DVD release from MVM.


Nick Smithson

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