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Bloody Moon (1981)


Starring: Olivia Pascal and Christoph Moosbrugger
Severin Films
RRP: £12.99
Certificate: 18
Available 10 November 2008

Years after being incarcerated in a mental institution for stabbing to death a young woman, a disfigured man is released under the control of his sister. A group of young women arrive at a private resort to learn Spanish. One of them is unlucky enough to be lodging in the chalet where the murder took place, and finds herself being watched by the killer. When she finds the body of one of the other women, brutally stabbed, she tries to tell the others. However, all evidence of the crime vanishes and she is left looking more than a little paranoid. This is just the start of a number of sick murders. The disfigured man isn't the only suspect either; there's the mute simpleton, the local Romeo, the language teacher, and even the disfigured man's sister, who uses his incestual love for her to manipulate him...

If the first part of the synopsis sounds familiar it's because of it's obvious similarities to John Carpenter's Halloween. The killer's background, the sister connection, returning to the scene of the previous crime, use of the Steadicam to show the killer's movements and point of view... Whereas Carpenter's film oozes style, this one comes across like a Carry On or Confessions of... film. Thankfully, there are no dodgy sex scenes in this so-called subject in perversity, only plenty of giggling girls in flimsy see-through tops, speaking cringeworthy unrealistic dialogue.

The set-piece killings are reminiscent of so many slasher films of the eighties, but you have to question the motives of the victims, who it seems are so naive and sex-starved that they deserve everything they get by getting themselves in those positions in the first place.

Jess Franco is well-known for this kind of sleazy, violent, exploitation movie. Some of them, including this, were originally banned by the BBFC. This one's not complete rubbish by any stretch of the imagination, but it seems more like a spoof than the real thing.

Extras are a featurette and trailer.


Ty Power

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