Ok, so you've read one of our reviews and you disagree with our reviewer? Well here is your cut out and keep guide to the Sci-fi Online staff. If you see them walking around the streets of London you'll know who to punch.


Darren Rea - Editor

Darren was the Reviews Editor at Dreamwatch for just over four years. A full time journalist he has recently left the Big Smoke (London) for the quieter surroundings of Devon (where our head office is based). So now we get the pleasure of seeing the little chubster every day.

He's fat, he smells a bit funny and at long last he's updated that stupid 1991 picture of himself! Yes, he does look like John Prescott's brother... and he loves it when PR people mention this to him at press functions... Go on, we dare you!


Heather Simpson - Reviews Editor

Heather is the only member of the team who actually knows what she is doing. This little cutie used to be a professional model until she decided that shouting at useless reviewers on a sci-fi site was more in keeping with her nature.

Known as Cold Ms Whiplash (although she doesn't know her staff call her this) Heather is more at home wining and dining clients than she is answering the office phones.


Anthony Clark - Features Editor

Anthony is a full-time journalist with a 'chequered' past. He helped assemble the Cybermen used in Silver Nemesis and appeared in the Children in Need episode of Doctor Who, heavily disguised as an alien: not even his mum could recognise him.

He was the features editor of Dreamwatch for the initial run of its high street issues and was involved with Gerry Davis and Terry Nation in their bid to make Doctor Who as an independent production.


Paul Dempsey - US Correspondent

Paul's been a film and TV hack for more than 20 years, and he brings you the latest via Washington DC from our colonial cousins (or should that now be 'masters'?). A Man United fan who really comes from Manchester, his own goals in life, now the Treble's been done, include seeing Chuck Jones recognised as the pre-eminent artist of the 20th Century and finding a copy of the Beeb's TV adaptation of The Day of the Triffids.

He kinda objects to being asked for his all-out favourite sci-fi work ("You choose between, say, Alan Moore at his best, a Kubrick movie and The Avengers at its more twisted. Go on, try it, fanboy!").


Richard McGinlay - Reviewer

Richard contributed features and reviews to Dreamwatch during its first five years as a high-street publication. He has also written for Satellite Times and Skaro in print and, most recently, The Avengers Declassified online.

His favourite show is Doctor Who, but he also enjoys The Avengers (obviously), Dark Shadows, James Bond, Sapphire & Steel, Sherlock Holmes, the various incarnations of Star Trek and Stargate, stuff with superheroes, True Blood, The X-Files, and loads more of that sort of thing. His current obsession is the mostly missing first year of The Avengers, featuring Keel and Steed, so if you do happen to have any old scripts or telerecordings from 1961 in your attic, do let him know...


Ty Power - Reviewer

Ty was a regular contributor of articles, reviews and interviews to Dreamwatch magazine and other periodicals. Currently, he is a prospective novelist, screenwriter, producer, director, film star and transdimensional thermonuclear optimist. Oh, yes, and he writes for Sci-fi-online, too.

When the men in white coats let him out to play, Ty can be found writing, listening to rock/metal music, writing, reading, writing, enjoying classic genre film and TV, and writing. What's more, he can walk and chew gum at the same time, which is more than most US presidents can manage.

Ty Powers (journalist) home page


Charles Packer - Reviewer

Charles was a one time regular contributor to Dreamwatch and is now a full time Psychiatric nurse and all round party animal who should know better.

A massive Science Fiction fan, in all its forms, for more years than he cares to remember, he can usually be found in the Isle of Wight annoying his neighbours with his oversized 5.1 system, wondering why the missing hair on his head keeps turning up on the rest of his body.


Danny Salter - Reviewer

Hatched from an egg that fell over Rotherham skies, Danny Salter was raised by Wolves until the age of fourteen. He spent much of his childhood watching cheap British TV shows of the 80's and playing ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 games. Now 31, Danny spends much of his time watching cheap British TV shows of the 80's and playing ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 games.

He can regularly be seen sailing down the River Rother on his Red Inflatable Dalek and once met Noel Edmonds and Jarvis Cocker but not at the same time.


Jeff Watson - Reviewer

Jeff is a freelance journalist and has written for a number of high profile magazines. He was a regular reviewer for Dreamwatch magazine for a number of years.

Jeff is currently living in Australia like the criminal he is!