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fanboyWe sci-fi fans are always spotting mistakes, inconsistencies and gaping plot holes in our favourite shows, movies, books and comics. It's easy to criticise - but how much more fun to think up cunning and creative solutions?

Contact me with any continuity errors, script oversights and the suchlike that you have spotted. Then I, Johnny Fanboy, will attempt to explain them! And even if, by some remote chance, I am left completely stumped for an answer, the debate will be open for other readers to chip in with their ideas...

14/05/08 All known languages, including Welsh
23/04/08 A replicated Replicator?
26/02/08 Traffic jam
15/01/08 The first man on Mars?
18/12/07 Strictly for the birds
10/12/07 Three Fantastic Four questions
23/10/07 Credulity of the Kaleds
04/09/07 Robbin’ a costume idea
21/08/07 The year of our Time Lord
25/07/07 Hyde information
23/07/07 Where we’re going, we don’t need road races
16/07/07 Scissor Sisters re-Mastered
11/07/07 Tank’s buddy
03/07/07 When the Doctor’s number is up
25/06/07 Epiphanboy
07/06/07 Nature versus Nature
04/06/07 Son of a...
29/05/07 Nit-pit
17/05/07 Luke’s unfamiliar
08/05/07 Lucky there’s a fanboy guy
08/05/07 The technology is strong in this one
23/04/07 See monsters
16/04/07 Cat-nit
11/04/07 The comedy of errors
03/04/07 Judoon, jury and executioner
19/03/07 Isomorphic? I don’t think so
07/03/07 The reason I'm writin' is how to say "chitin"
26/02/07 Lost in time
06/02/07 Klingon head-to-head
29/01/07 Can’t see the problem
09/01/07 The dead shopkeeper sketch
19/12/06 What a tangled Web Planet we weave
12/12/06 Burst Angel busted
31/10/06 Something to get your teeth into
20/10/06 Atlantis condemned
02/10/06 Green Arrow’s secret identity: what’s the point?
15/09/06 Clueless
17/08/06 A leisurely debate
31/07/06 Blind dates
26/07/06 Besieged by questions
14/06/06 A beastly question of existence
13/06/06 Hello, operator
17/05/06 He’s a Derek and Dereks don’t run
08/05/06 A grave situation
04/05/06 Re: Reunion
03/05/06 Poltergeist: the lethargy
02/05/06 A friend in need...
18/04/06 Lost in translation
13/04/06 Reflections on Poltergeist: The Legacy
21/03/06 The questions keep on flooding in...
14/03/06 A (fire)fly in Serenity’s ointment
20/02/06 A suitable casing for treatment
15/02/06 Alien and Predator vs. sense
16/01/06 Harriet Jones, continuity error

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