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Trying to ensure that today's generation of kids grow up to read and write properly is a serious issue that society is trying to tackle. The sad fact is that kids can't be bothered any more. From the moment they can walk they are plonked down in front of the TV. And why would they want to read a book when a TV show can impart much more visual stimulation?

IQ Builders' range of IQ Science toys are designed to push the younger generation into learning about science. Well, it could be a tall order with the Robot Racer kit. First off the finished robot resembles no robot I have ever seen. And the suggestion of 'other exciting robots' in the instructions didn't exactly fill me with enthusiasm.

On the plus side this range will, more than likely, help children to take the next progressive stage (from Lego to Technical Lego to the IQ Science range to kits for older children that concentrate on building electronic equipment) in their development.

I've seen the other IQ Science kits and they are all more impressive than this. I can see this kit being played with for a few days before the owner gets bored with it an sticks it in the cupboard. If they are lucky they will be bought the other sets as they mature - that's the good thing about these kits, they all follow the same basic building blocks so several kits can be used to create a better robot.

I do hope I am wrong, because I truly believe in what IQ Builders is trying to provide for the younger generation, but I do feel that the simplistic design of this toy will put a lot of children off even opening the box.

Nick Smithson

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