Men in Black II

Author: Esther M. Friesner
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ISBN 0 09 944523 9
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When an unauthorised spacecraft lands in the middle of New York's Central Park and is bristling with an array of deadly antimatter weaponry. It's a job for the Men in Black - the top-secret organisation that monitors the activities of all extraterrestrial living on Earth. There's a new ET in town, as beautiful as she is deadly...

The sequel to Men in Black is one of this summers most anticipated movies, but does the novelisation capture the essence of the movie?

The first three and a half pages of this book tell us everything we need to know about the author. It would appear that Esther M Friesner is only writing this book to pay the rent. She launches straight into a Rough Guide to New York, talking about it as though she has been there once but desperately trying to make us believe she has lived there.

Deleted these pages and launch straight into the scene with the spaceship and she would have hit the right note. By introducing us to New York (badly I might add) she doesn't really grab the readers attention.

Once those pages are out of the way it soon becomes apparent that Ms Friesner's writing style is both engaging and funny. The novel for Men in Black II is really aimed at the teenage market, or the semiliterate 20-30 age bracket (also the movies core audience). As such it works well and Ms Friesner must be congratulated on writing for those that don't, on the whole, like to read.

This is a well written book which has been carefully designed to cater for its core audience. Very enjoyable.

Pete Boomer

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