Graphic Novel
JLA - Divided We Fall

Author: Mark Waid, Bryan Hitch and Paul Neary
Titan Books

ISBN 1 84023 392 3
Available now

Batman took things too far, and has been thrown out of the JLA for plotting against them. This graphic novel shows how the JLA work well as a team, but as they begin to suspect each other they begin to fall apart...

Divided We Fall starts really well. For a non JLA follower, it was simple to understand and the story was actually quite interesting. The guys have to work as a team to beat and evil queen from a fairy tale world who had turned Manhattan into something from the 10th kingdom.

The story is engaging, and simple to grasp. Things took a take a slight downturn after the first tale, but this could be due to the fact that I'm not a JLA reader, and I didn't know the background to the main story arc. Overall though, the book has an underlying storyline which shows how Batman took things too far when trying to protect the world from Superman going bad. It follows him as he tries to find ways to beat all the team members if they ever 'turned to the dark side'.

This graphic novels covers the story from then on, where Batman is an outsider and the others are beginning to distrust each other because of his actions. Teamwork fails, and they have to learn to trust each other again.

The artwork for Divided is very good, and also very detailed, but I guess this is something DC readers expect. The overall story is an interesting one, and also, as thick as it is, it represents great value for money.

This is a must buy for DC followers, and perhaps something that a newbie may want to pick up if they have a growing interest.

Keri Allan

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