Graphic Novel
'Til Death do us Part

Author: Jeph Leob, Joe Kelly & Ed McGuinness
Titan Books
ISBN 1 84023 360 5
Available now

Superman travels to Smallville to defend it against eco-terrorists but on his return to Metropolis he is tackled by one of his worst enemies - the Parasite. This mean, ugly creature is spoiling for a rematch with our Man of Steel. In addition Clark/Superman must tackle the growing marriage problems with Lois Lane who has had enough of being married to a superhuman...

'Til Death do us part is not the greatest graphic novel. It seems to be constructed from a mismatch of artistic styles from beginning to end. I really hate it when artists insist on drawing both Clark and Superman as though he works out in the gym 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Come on! It's bad enough them expecting us to swallow the fact that no one notices the difference between the two when Clark is weedy looking but when he is built like a brick sh*t house they are starting to take the p*ss.

The scenes with Lois (which the cover and title seem to indicate are the main thrust of this novel) are great but the novel doesn't have enough of them.

The conclusion is surprising and well staged but I was starting to loose interest by this point and was starting to cheer that fact that Lois was leaving Clark.

For die hard fans only.

Pete Boomer

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