The Simpsons
Big Book of Bart Simpson

Authors: Various
Artists: Various
Titan Books
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ISBN 1 84023 425 3
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America's number one dysfunctional family have had there own comic for a few years now. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and little Maggie Simpson carry on their bizarre lives in printed form for fans of the show who just can't get enough of Springfield's most popular inhabitants...

Big Book of Bart Simpson has some great stories that play homage to a number of sci-fi related movies including Lost in Space, Back to the Future and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

While the stories don't quite have the same comedic values as the television series there is a slightly more darker feel to this collection and the characters are spot on (but then they are not particularly hard to draw).

One thing which puzzled me was why this was titled Big Book of Bart Simpson when a few of the stories don't feature Bart at all.

Not an essential purchase for fans of the TV show - in fact the majority of Simpsons lovers will probably not find the stories half as entertaining as the show, but for the young this collection is a must read.

Less adult orientated jokes mean that this collection is better suited to those under 13-years of age.

Pete Boomer

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