Sons of the Jungle

Author: Chuck Dixon
Artist: Carlos Meglia
Titan Books
RRP 8.99
ISBN 1 84023 446 6
Available now

When a ship mutinies off the coast of a remote African island, its passengers - Lord Greystoke and his wife - are seconds from doom, before an omen saves them - a fiery meteor from the heavens. This meteor has travelled all the way from Krypton. The Man of Steel is raised from birth by apes, but is confused and frightened by his own powers. Meanwhile, on the Greystoke estate, the young Lord Greystoke is distant and troubled, almost as if he knows his place is elsewhere...

Sons of the Jungle is an excellent alternate universe story which looks at might have happened it Superman's spacecraft had landed somewhere other than Smallville. Lord Greystoke potters around looking lost and unhappy with his lot, while Superman is unsure of what use his powers are. As you can imagine it's not long before the two misfits are brought together.

Ms Lane and Jane make appearances and the whole book will give a warm glow to Superman and Tarzan fans alike.

The reproduction is wonderful, with Titan Books spoiling us with some beautifully reprinted artwork. There is the usual cover reprints at the back of the book along with a few production sketches which add a nice touch.

A great work of art that will appeal to everyone.

Pete Boomer

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