The Authority
Transfer of Power

Author: Mark Millar
Artists: Frank Quitely, Arthur Adams & Gary Erskine
Titan Books
RRP 12.99
ISBN 1 84023 490 3
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The Authority have been slaughtered by Seth. Replacing them is an establishment approved version which is keen to set about destroying the work that the original Authority spent so long to achieve. However, there is something amiss. Where is the Midnighter's body? What happened to the incredibly powerful child, Jenny Quantum? And who is going to close the whole in the Bleed that threatens the entire multiverse?...

The Authority: Transfer of Power is not for The Authority novice. You are really going to need to know who is who before you delve into this four-part story otherwise you are going to become very bored very quickly.

My biggest complaint, if it can be called that, is that Seth (what a name for an evil alien) looks a little too much like the aliens in Aliens. He might not be an exact replica, but his teeth and shiny smooth head are a little to close for comfort.

While this reprint has a lot going for it, I did feel as thought the plot had been stretched a little too thinly in places and it was a tough old slog to get to the end of the page on a number of occasions.

If you want a nice, easy read then I suggest you steer clear of this. But if you like you superheroes to kick ass in an over the top fashion then you are in luck. One for The Authority hard-core readership only.

Pete Boomer

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