Terror Incognita

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In the past the JLA were successful in stopping an invasion by White Martians - the Martian Hunter's bloodthirsty kin, who had their minds wiped and were set free to live as humans, unaware of their heritage or power. Unfortunately they're waking up and they have one goal in common - revenge...

JLA: Terror Incognita is a collection of three stories. The first one is the four-part story Terror Incognita which sees the JLA fighting against the almost indestructible White Martians. This story is a great start to the graphic novel and has all your favourite heroes getting there arses seriously kicked by the meanest aliens to grace the pages of a graphic novel. There is a great scene which plays homage to Predator in which we see inside the White Martians secret base and there on the shelves are the skulls of various prey including the aliens from Aliens and Predator.

Next up is a one issue story called Bipolar Disorder which features Polaris, who has been infected and has turned into a copy of The Joker. I found this story a little on the dull side - no laughs, no real action and no story to speak of.

Finally the last story, again a one issue story, is a tongue in cheek Christmas tale called Merry Christmas Justice League - Now Die. This sees Plastic Man telling the very tall tale of how Santa Clause was elected an honorary member of the JLA. This is a great little tale with bags of humour which would force even Bat Man to crack a smile.

Terror Incognita is not an essential purchase, but it will make a worthy addition to the collection of anyone not familiar with the JLA. On the most part I found it to be enjoyable and entertaining.

Nick Smithson

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