A Wicked Inclination

Author: James Robinson
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP 14.99
ISBN 1 84023 560 8
Available now

Jack Knight, holder of the Cosmic Rod, aka Starman, champion and defender of Opal City, is back in action, joining up with the Sandman in order to clear the name of a widow implicated in her husband's murder...

A Wicked Inclination collects together a number of stories including a feel good Christmas tale which is a little on the sickly side.

Starman has always intrigued me. He is one of the few real superhero that doesn't parade around in a skin-tight costume - why exactly would someone who wanted to be taken seriously dress up with their underwear on top of their pants? Starman doesn't dress like an S&M freak with a rubber face mask, he is what a superhero should really look like.

For casual observers, however, this collection will not be easy to get into. And I think this is the collection's main fault. Titan are not going to be attracting new readers to the Starman universe with a publication like this - maybe a brief introduction to his world would have been sufficient.

If you are tired of costumed freaks then this could well be the graphic novel for you, but only hardened Starman fans will be buying this collection. Which is a shame because James Robinson is a fine writer.

Nick Smithson

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