Graphic Novel
Bluntman & Chronic

Author: Kevin Smith, Michael Avon & Pat Garrahy
Titan Books
ISBN 1 84023 387 7
Available now

Bluntman and Chronic, the bumbling crime fighting aliases of Jay and Silent Bob get to appear in yet another inane graphic novel. This time around we get to see the origins of a number of their archenemies...

Locked in Book-Em asylum are a number of lunatics, all with a grudge to bear. All of them want Bluntman and Chronic dead because in a plot idea lifted straight from Tim Burton's Batman movie they were all separately deformed in separate accidents involving large vats of green acid and our amazing duo.

It was good to see the appearance of Cock Knocker, possibly one of Hollywood's more subtle arch enemies, as well as Dickhead, Diddler, Newsgroup and Lipstick Lesbian - all very mature and cleverly thought out villains (hmmmm!)

But that is what is so lovable about this series. It is extremely immature and crude to the point of making you ill with disbelief. There is plenty of swearing and sexist remarks (courtesy of Jay). But ultimately this is damn funny stuff.

This novel borrows heavily from Batman. As mentioned earlier the birth of a number of Bluntman and Chronic's foes has been borrowed from the movie birth of the Joker. An interesting point was raised about how the Penguin managed to get hold of the Batmobile plans in the Batman Returns movie. And there is a great mock cover of the DC comics cover for the death of Robin issue.

If you wet your pants at Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back, then you are going to love this! I am still laughing.

Pete Boomer

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