Graphic Novel
Judge Dredd
Helter Skelter

Author: Garth Ennis, Carlos Ezquerra & Henry Flint
Titan Books
ISBN 1 84023 348 6
Available now

Darien Kenzie is on the run from Megacity One's Judges. But she has help in the form of the city's top lawman, Judge Dredd. Kenzie was part of a team that specialised in finding parallel universes, but her team dragged in Judges from an evil universe where Dredd is dead and the evil Judge Cal is still chief Judge. Can Kenzie and Dredd plug the hole before it is too late...

Yeah! Of course they can. This is Dredd and you know before you begin reading that he is bound to defy all logic and fight his way through to win in the end. As Dredd is dead in the alternate universe Judge Giant has become the supreme Judge.

There are some great cameo appearance from some classic characters including Judge Giant, and some of the hard-core 2000AD 30-something readers may remember Old One-Eye from the Flesh strip and the lovable old DR and Quinch.

This really was a joy to read. It took me right back to being a teenager again. This is pure nostalgia at its best.

Pete Boomer

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