Judge Anderson
Hour of the Wolf

Authors: Alan Grant & John Wagner
Artists: Barry Kitson, David Roach & Ian Gibson

Titan Books
RRP 10.99
ISBN 1 84023 589 6
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When Psi Division's Anderson starts getting psychic flashes of a wolf stalking Mega-City One, she can't quite identify why they are so alarming - until an assassin almost kills her. Soon she finds herself caught in a race against time to stop an old, terrible threat to the city from resurfacing...

Hour of the Wolf reprints four Judge Anderson stories from the pages of 2000AD. These are Hour of the Wolf, The Brainstem Man, Colin Wilson Block and Helios.

The first story, Hour of the Wolf is a little long and drawn out and what is an 11-part story could really have been condensed down to a four-parter, and even then it would still be a little on the dull side.

Next up is The Brainstem Man - A Judge Dredd story which doesn't feature Anderson at all. This story seems a strange addition to a Judge Anderson collection and it's not even as if it is a great story. What the editor of this collection was thinking of when they decided to include this story escapes me. Sure it helps to set up Helios (sort of) but this wasn't a necessary addition to this graphic novel.

The third addition is Colin Wilson Block which is a short story wonderfully illustrated by Ian Gibson. Sadly, however the script isn't really up to much and as a result it really should not have been included here.

The final story, Helios, is a nine part saga which is by far the best story in the collection. David Roach's artwork is fantastic and the story, although in nine parts, was over far too quickly for my liking.

Sadly, this collection is not worth buying. While Helios is a fine story it only represents around half of the book. Possibly the worst 2000AD collection I have read.

Nick Smithson

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