Year Two: Fear the Reaper

Author: Mike W. Barr
Alan Davis & Todd McFarlane
Titan Books
RRP 12.99
ISBN 1 85286 261 0
Available now

Twenty years before the Batman stalked the criminals of Gotham City, another vigilante brought terror to the night - the master killer known as The Reaper. When the cruel vigilante appears again after a long absence, the Batman joins forces with his parents' killer to bring The Reaper to justice...

I originally read Batman: Year Two a few years ago, but Titan's latest edition, Batman: Year Two - Fear of the Reaper adds another story to the collection. The last third of the book features the Full Circle story arc which sees The Reaper rise again, much to Batman's surprise. This story also features the Boy Wonder, although he spends most of the time grounded - thankfully.

The artwork is impressive and the quality of the reproduction is not bad on the whole. But where this collection really stands out is its clever script development. Both stories in this collection neatly dovetail together so that, if you didn't know better, you'd think they were part of the same story. Refreshing to see this in a comic book collection as all too frequently these days collections seem to just throw a few stories together without much thought.

If you prefer semi-nude women running around with guns in your graphic novels then you'll be disappointed. However, if you like good, solid story telling with a few surprises then you could do a lot worse than buy this.

A very impressive collection.

Darren Rea


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