The Invisibles
The Invisible Kingdom

Author: Grant Morrison
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP 17.99
ISBN 1 84023 532 2
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The final battle is nearing between The Invisibles, freedom fighters on a mission to save eternity, and the Archons, the timeless forces of control who are planning to enslave mankind. Now King Mob, Ragged Robin, Lord Fanny, Jack Frost and Jolly Roger must prevent the crowning of the 'Moon-Child' at Westminster Abbey, with the help of Master Six and Division X: while, in the future, a radically changed King Mob and Jack prepare for the end of history...

The Invisible Kingdom is a rather bizarre work. Imagine Armageddon been fought by all your favourite 1970's cop heroes and a hooded figure that looks like a squid and you have a rough idea of Grant Morrison's twisted little world.

One rather annoying aspect of this collection was how the artists change every few pages - which I'm sure was some weird and wacky alternative attempt to bend the rules of comic books. Instead it came across as simply irritating.

There were times when I was unsure what characters where on the page. One minute we have some fantastic artwork which clearly defines our heroes and the next it seems that the artists from the Scooby-Doo cartoons has been let loose on the pages.

That rather large complaint aside, this is an above average collection and is a staggering 286 pages in length.

Not for the comic novice - this is pretty heavy going, but is well worth staying the distance.

Pete Boomer

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