League of One

Author: Christopher Moeller
Christopher Moeller
Titan Books
RRP 9.99
ISBN 1 84023 575 6
Available now

An ancient evil has been awoken and is rising up from beneath the earth; the last of the dragons. But, as Wonder Woman learns from the Oracle of Delphi, if the JLA fight it together they will be destroyed. Now Wonder Woman must lie to her comrades, and test her mighty strength against this terrible threat - alone...

The first thing that struck me about A League of One was how wonderfully presented it was. Titan have certainly pulled out all the stops. Over 100 glossy pages of full colour quality artwork - each frame a work of art by painter Christopher Moeller - for under £10? That can't be right.

The paintings of all our favourite super heroes are aesthetically pleasing - Wonder Woman looks like she has walked out of the pages of Vogue, and Batman has the perfect washboard stomach and rippling muscles that actually make you believe he could take on anything (anyone else think it weird that a mortal human was allowed to join a gang of superhuman heroes?)

The story seems a little off the beaten track for a normal JLA story. Dragons are not your usual super hero foe, but Moeller weaves such an intricate plot that the fact it is a dragon is really irrelevant - it could easily be an evil alien.

Certainly the best presented graphic novel I have read for some time.

Amber Leigh

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