Legacy of Unicron

Author: Simon Furman
Artists: Various

Titan Books
RRP 14.99
ISBN 1 84023 578 0
Available now

From the battle against the chaos-bringer, Unicron continues. On the planet of Junk, a malign presence has enslaved the local population. Rodimus Prime, Wreck-Gar and bounty-hunter Death's Head must stop the rebirth of evil and prevent all-out war...

Legacy of Unicron is represents a rare breed of comics - one that doesn't patronise it's core audience. The storylines are bold and surprisingly mature. Remembering the original high street run of the series, it was only the early teens that really read this stuff - in fact thinking about it now it was always the nerdy kids at school that bought the comics.

The artwork never strays above average - which is a shame. But then, having said that, can you really do that much when you are drawing page after page of chunky machines? The artwork does the trick and gives it an almost industrial quality.

The only real moan I have about this collection is that the reproduction is not quite what it could have been. This is a shame as the quality of the paper provided by Titan is of a fairly high standard.

Looking back, I sort of wish that I had read them on their original release. They are interesting, well written and damn fine entertainment.

Pete Boomer

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