Marshal Law
Blood, Sweat and Fears

Author: Pat Mills
Artist: Kevin O'Neill

Titan Books
RRP 14.99
ISBN 1 84023 526 8
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An ultra-violent vigilante on a murderous campaign, a legion of resurrected heroes unleashed and masked corpses looking for payback... it's time for San Futuro's resident hero hunter to lay down the law! Take another long look into the Abyss, as Marshal Law comes face-to-face with his past and gives it both barrels...

Blood, Sweat and Fears collects Kingdom of the Blind, The Hateful Dead and Super Babylon under one cover. In a world where superheroes have to live out their existence as circus freaks, entertaining the public in order to scrape enough money to get by, this collection sees Marshal Law hunting down a number of costumed superheroes who are intent on bringing mankind to its knees.

The most interesting story in this collection, The Hateful Dead, sees a legion of superheroes rise from the dead. Marshal Law must destroy them before they destroy him. But how can he kill what does not live? The story takes a dramatic twist when Marshal Law's old girlfriend is brought back from the grave and asks him to join her in death.

There are plenty of comedic touches that make this collection a great read. The tombstones in Marshal Law's father's graveyard has some amusing inscriptions and there is some questionable heroes, who employ young, child sidekicks for sexual gratification. In Kingdom of the Blind, Marshal Law's nemesis is a superhero whose past is an amusing take on Bruce Wayne's (Batman) own past. However, instead of his parents being murdered after leaving the cinema, they are knocked off after leaving a video shop that sells hard-core pornography.

If you want laughs by the bucketful then this is a must read. Intelligent, thought provoking and extremely funny. Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill are two of the greatest comic book writers/illustrators alive today.

Nick Smithson

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