Star Wars
Jango Fett - Open Seasons

Author: Hayden Blackman
Artist: Ramon Bachs
Titan Books
RRP 10.99
ISBN 1 84023 549 7
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Thirty-six years before Jango Fett's death, on the planet Concord Dawn, the mercenary group known as the Mandalorians are split by a deadly internecine conflict. Some follow Vizsla, who believes they should conquer the galaxy, other Jaster Mereel, a reformed murder and ex-leader who believes the Mandalorians are simply soldiers. When the child Jango Fett's family are caught in the crossfire, he is propelled into a deadly conflict - and there's no turning back...

Open Seasons is an interesting Star Wars spin-off collection. Excellent quality reproduction - nice glossy cover and full colour glossy pages throughout.

However, this could be a graphic novel about anyone. The fact they have tied it into Jango Fett is a happy coincidence. There is plenty of back story - the book opens with Jango's childhood and then moves on to his association with Dooku. But that is really all there is to tie this into the Star Wars universe.

That said, if you thought Jango was a cool character in Attack of the Clones then you will no doubt love this collection. Personally I still think that Boba is an infinitely more impressive character (or at least he was in Return of the Jedi) and the recent fad for promoting Jango is simply trying to recreate the appeal of that 1980s character.

I know that this graphic novel is well presented. I just don't understand why Jango warrants his own graphic novel - especially when the events told do not seem all that special.

Average stuff at best.

Nick Smithson

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