Bruce Wayne - Fugitive Vol 1

Authors: Various
Titan Books
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ISBN 1 84023 594 2
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Socialite Vesper Fairchild has been murdered and all the evidence points to Bruce Wayne as the killer. His incarceration means that his alter ego, the Batman, is off the streets. Batman's allies - Nightwing, Oracle, Huntress, the current Robin and Alfred, are desperately trying to prove his innocence. But Batman has a few surprises up his sleeve - one of which may change Gotham City forever...

Volume one of Fugitive continues the events that unfolded in last September's Bruce Wayne: Murderer? graphic novel from Titan. Now Bruce Wayne has slipped out of jail so that Batman can continue his fight against crime. However, this collection focusses more on his friends and their attempts to prove that Wayne is innocent.

However, the evidence looks grim. While small clues are unearthed that could make it look like someone else was responsible, but has tried to cover their tracks, this could easily have been Wayne trying to throw investigators off the scent.

With a doubting Nightwing, Oracle and, to some extent, Batgirl all eager to prove Wayne is not guilty of murder (but not 100 percent sure themselves), the more they uncover the deeper the plot thickens.

This collection features some great writing and some wonderful artwork by various writers and artists. I was a little disappointed by the ending to this first volume - it didn't really leave me on the edge of my seating wanting more.

But, apart from that slight moan, this is an engaging read.

Darren Rea

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