Force of Nature

Author: Warren Ellis
Artist: Tom Raney

Titan Books
RRP 10.99
ISBN 1 84023 611 6
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Stormwatch, the UN Crisis Intervention Team, is in a state of flux. The Weatherman, Stormwatch leader Henry Bendix, sets out to recruit some new members to the team. These include Jenny Sparks, an electric superhuman as old as the century, Jack Hawksmoor, a man adapted by aliens to live in cities, and the mute, lethal killer Rose Tattoo...

While these early episodes (reprinted from 1996 issues) are the first that Warren Ellis was responsible for writing, I find the claim that "The issues of Stormwatch collected here are extremely rare and valuable," hard to swallow. This was a claim on the press release. These stories are only seven years old and I'm sure most decent comic stores will stock them or be able to get hold of copies if anyone was that interested.

Force of Nature never really gripped me until the last handful of pages, by which point it was too late. There is nothing new here that hasn't been seen a hundred times before and the overused plot that a human government wants rid of the superheroes is so tired now that I found myself yawning while turning the pages.

The art work is fairly average but anyone who wants to read a half decent Stormwatch collection should look at Final Orbit - which is much stronger.

Not recommended.

Nick Smithson

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