Superman For All Seasons

Author: Jeph Leob
Artist: Tim Sale

Titan Books
RRP 10.99
ISBN 1 84023 152 1
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The town of Smallville is about to lose one of its inhabitants to the glitz and glamour of Metropolis as Clark Kent gets ready to leave his childhood home and put his new superpowers to good use - helping the masses...

Spanning a spring, summer, autumn and winter in the early career of the Man of Steel, Superman for all Seasons is split into four separate chapters charting the maturing of a superhero.

When I first heard about this graphic novel I wrongly assumed that it would be charting the events from Clark's early beginnings through to him growing older and retiring. Instead the first chapter looks at the events which lead Clark to the conclusion that he should be helping the inhabitants of Earth on a much wider scale.

I have always found Superman to be a little on the dull side - encapsulating everything that is wrong with America. His too good to be true and general naivety at how the rest of the real world works always got my goat. While elements of that are still present in Superman for all Seasons, the majority of this collection is good, solid character development which tells a tale of lost innocence and harsh lessons learned.

Tim Sale's artwork is faultless, with Clark looking big, clumsy and out of place, Lois Lane looking sultry and Lex Luthor looking rather sad and pathetic. The cover price is also extremely cheap for such a chunky read.

A great collection which won't just appeal to Superman fans. Anyone who enjoys heart warming stories will love this.

Pete Boomer

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