The Witching Hour

Author: Jeph Leob
Chris Bachalo
Titan Books
RRP 13.99
ISBN 1 84023 251 X
Available now

At the crossroad's of the supernatural and the very real resides the mysterious Amanda Collins, a dabbler in the lives (and deaths) of mankind. With only a strange blank business card and a mesmerising presence, Amanda moves through the troubled existence of the maladjusted, the disturbed and the downright evil, offering them the chance to change their lives. But the choice they make depends on the forces that already exist in their hearts, and redemption comes with a terrifying price. It's midnight, the witching hour, and the forces of darkness are stirring...

Everyone, at some time or other, has wondered what their life would be like if they had the chance to go back and change a wrong turning. Would you really go through with it though? And if they did who's to say they wouldn't make a bigger mess of it than they already have?

This is partly what The Witching Hour examines, but it is much more than this. Original and thought provoking collections like this don't come along that often so when they do it's worth getting your hand on a copy.

This is one of those collections that will have you returning time and time again to see which little nuggets of information you missed on the first read through.

Titan have done a splendid job releasing this collection with a reasonable price tag.

The Witching Hour offers a simple premise and delivers a refreshing read.

Amber Leigh

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