Legends in Exile

Author: Bill Willingham
Lan Medina
Titan Books
RRP 9.99
ISBN 1 84023 614 0
Available now

When a group of fairy tale characters are exiled from their respective homelands, they're forced to take up secret residence in modern-day New York City. There's been a murder in Fabletown. Rose Red's apartment is a bloody mess, her body is missing and the list of suspects include Jack (now minus beanstalk), Prince Charming (a hard-up philanderer trying to sell his family title on the Internet and Bluebeard...

Fables: Legends in Exile is an interesting idea and it could so easily have failed. Thankfully it works well. Nearly all your favourite fairy tale characters are present and correct: Snow White, Prince Charming, The Big Bad Wolf and Jack (of the beanstalk fame). But now they are in the real world they have made a pact not to continue their behaviour from their previous incarnations. So, Jack no longer slays giants, Big Bad Wolfie no longer blows houses down (or kills grandmothers and wait's for their red hooded grandchildren to drop by) and Bluebeard must stop killing his wives.

This is a great collection for the Fables novice as not only does this book introduce the characters and provide a little background info in each of them, but it also explains why they were pushed from their individual lands and ended up on Earth.

Well illustrated and intricately plotted, this collection is great fun. And Titan have kept the price down to under £10 - although the reprint has suffered due to that. No glossy pages, just a straight copy of the American comic page format.

I really enjoyed this book - and that isn't a fairy tale.

Nick Smithson

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