Golden Perfect

Author: Joe Kelly
Doug Mahnke
Titan Books
RRP 9.99
ISBN 1 84023 609 4
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A reduced JLA (Bruce Wayne is on trial and Aquaman is missing) must face an unprecedented crisis, as they invade a country to rescue one child - but Wonder Woman's actions place the entire world in jeopardy...

Golden Perfect is a little to moralistic for my liking. Religion, a tug-of-love war between two parents for a small child and the JLA overseeing everything like they know best. But then this is exactly what this collection sets out to do - attack itself for its heroes own ideals. And in that respect it does a great job.

However, there seemed to be too many subplots and that proved a little heavy going. When characters are not being used in a story it seems pointless to have something happen to them for the sake of it - which happens here more than once.

I found the second (one issue story) in this collection to be the most readable. Bouncing Baby Boy is a humorous story about Plastic Man stopping his young son from getting in with the wrong crowd. Not only that, but Batman is also along for the ride.

This is a strange mismatch of a collection, but both stories are entertaining enough.

Not the best JLA collection I have ever read, but by no means the worst. Just above average stuff.

Nick Smithson

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