Riddle of the Beast

Author: Alan Grant
Titan Books
RRP 10.99
ISBN 1 84023 449 0
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In a peaceful corner of a land plagued by hideous creatures and fractured by war, a young hero named Robin is sent on a lonely quest to unify the feuding lords of the sundered realms against the menace of the risen Beast. But Robin will discover that ignorance and arrogance are even more dangerous than the armies of the Beast, as he travels through a dizzying array of worlds to assemble a group powerful enough to fight the Beast's menace...

Riddle of the Beast puts a wonderful spin on the world of the Justice League of America. What if the JLA's world was set in a Tolkien-style universe? Fans of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit will feel right at home here - they've even provided a fully rendered map to show you where the events unfold.

A huge collection of artists have been brought in to paint a few pages each and, thanks to the fact the author had illustrations drawn up on how each character should appear, this collection flows beautifully - there are some wonderful panels to behold.

Titan have also pulled all the stops out. Great full-colour glossy pages really help to present this collection with the care and attention to detail it so rightly deserves.

A wonderful collection that will not only appeal to JLA fans, but anyone who is into fantasy and sword and sorcery stories. Excellent.

Pete Boomer

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