Dead or Alive - Covers by Glenn Fabry

Authors: Glenn Fabry & Garth Ennis
Glenn Fabry
Titan Books
RRP 14.99
ISBN 1 84023 289 7
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Glen Fabry was responsible for all of the covers for Preacher's entire run. Now every piece of his artwork for this series is reproduces unencumbered by text and logos for the first time. Included are 66 issue covers, the spin-off series and graphic novel covers, posters, trading cards and (for the first time seen in print) two covers that were deemed too extreme for publication...

Preacher: Dead or Alive is a strange idea for a collection. I read the original series and loved it. And it was the covers that stood out from the rows and rows of other comics.

Personally, while I found this collection interesting, I would think twice about parting with my money. While there is plenty of information on each cover (Fabry marks himself out of 10 for most of his work), black and white illustrations of rough work and an introduction from Garth Ennis, I still found myself wanting more for the £15 asking price.

Oh, and what happened to the two banned covers that the press release promised me? I couldn't find them anywhere in this collection.

Fabry fans will no doubt soak this up, but I felt a little cheated - mind you I already own 99% of these covers anyway. If you are a Preacher fan you will probably also own these covers, and are additional text inserts really worth spending the money on? Personally, I doubt it.

More a collection for art students who want to see how comic art should be done.

Nick Smithson

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