Book 2

Author: Alan Moore
JH Williams III
Titan Books
RRP 13.99
ISBN 1 84023 370 2
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As Sophie struggles to comprehend the depth and complexity of her otherworldly self, so she must contend with a myriad of menaces that unfortunately know her only too well. There's 'celebrity omnipath' the Painted Doll, mysterious occult group The Temple and the Goetic demons of Benny Solomon. Sophie's apprenticeship is quickly coming to an end... one way or another!...

Book two of Promethea will fry your mind unless you have already digested, slowly, book one. I am still trying to work out whether Alan Moore is a genius, a mad man or a combination of the two.

Try as I might, I really couldn't immerse myself in Moore's world as readily as I wanted to. There are some nice touches - the photo realism short scenes work well in this format, as do the odd jumping around of page panel's and the orientation of the artwork.

But then is this just being arty for art's sake? Or is there a reason for these visual touches? Sadly, it would seem the answer is more geared towards the first option.

An acquired taste which I am still unsure whether I enjoyed.

Nick Smithson

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