Fair Play

Author: Geoff Johns
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP 12.99
ISBN 1 84023 628 0
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Roulette runs the most dangerous gambling den on Earth - a club where costumed adventurers are lured to fight for their lives as super-villains bet on the outcome. Now she's turned her sights on the JSA, and she's got more than a professional interest in seeing the team destroyed...

Fair Play has a really poor opening and the first dozen pages, or so, are painful to read through. There is way too much "Hi Sand. How are you?" "I'm fine Hawkman. Me and Wildcat are off for a pizza, wanna join us?" corny introductions to ensure that new readers are in no doubt who everyone is. This is in spite of the fact that Titan have kindly provided a list of whose who at the start of the book.

Once everything settles down things become more interesting. The middle third of the book is the most entertaining with Roulette pitting the various JSA members against one another. And the final instalment sees a moody Batman turn up, solve a mystery with the aid of the JSA and leave - not my idea of a good read.

All in all one third of this collection is very entertaining and the rest is readable... just.

Not a collection to entice newcomers to the series to want to read more. This is a shame because JSA collections can be damn entertaining - when they get it right.

Nick Smithson

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