Shade, The Changing Man
The American Scream

Author: Peter Milligan
Artist: Chris Bachalo
Titan Books
RRP 14.99
ISBN 1 84023 716 3
Available now

A strange visitor from the dimension of Meta, Rac Shade, has been given the task of trying to stem the growing tide of Earth's insanity, which has created an interdimensional "Area of Madness" threatening both Meta and Earth with chaos. But upon breaching the barrier between worlds, Shade is trapped in the body of serial killer Troy Grenzer and finds himself on the run from the law as an escaped murderer...

The American Scream is the first volume in a new series that will reprint the Shade series (original issues of which are becoming ever rarer.) And this is the perfect collection for those who like their comic books to have an intellectual bite to them.

Split into two halves, The American Scream firstly tackles the JFK assassination and then the movie career of Ed Wood... or sort of. With Shade, nothing is that simple and the whole experience is like being beaten in the face with a big stick of weird!

How exactly would you react if the man who killed your parents and helped to kill your partner suddenly claimed he was from another dimension? Would you drive him halfway across America? Well, that's just what Kathy George does - but then she has been in a mental institution for a while.

If you want a break from superheroes that insist on wearing their pants outside their trousers, then this is the collection for you.

Impressive stuff.

Steve Mikando

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